Who are we

Snakebite kills 58,000 Indians every year, about half the deaths worldwide. The disability, social & economic impact of snakebite remains largely not understood.

We are a multi-disciplinary community of snakebite researchers working towards the vision of a country where no one suffers due to snakebite.

Our mission

To solve the neglected public health problem of snakebite by enabling research, innovation and evidence-informed action.

Our values

Grounded– driving solutions which are socio-culturally appropriate, acceptable and accessible.
Integrity – in practice and perspective following the highest standard of ethics
Open – building knowledge collaboratively through equitable partnerships and transparency
Excellence – methodologically robust research which can inform policy, practice and science meaningfully and transparently
Cross-pollination– drawing knowledge from different disciplines and integrating them 


  1. To develop a diverse and inclusive community of researchers working on snakebite from across the country.  
  2. To strengthen capacity for snakebite research in India. which aligns with our values
  3. To promote evidence-informed action and attention on snakebite.

Action Plan

The network aims to achieve its objectives through implementation of several activities as noted in the mission document.

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